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The retreats at Robin’s Nest are varied. The main theme for full weekends is Breaking The Shackles Of Shame and Giving God Your Worst. However there are others that are lighter and, while they contain a teaching, are also full of downtime, crafts and camaraderie. These would include our retreats for our Apache sisters and specific ones such as a retreat for birth moms who placed for adoption.

The truth is, this is not a business and, as a ministry and we are open to different groups of ladies coming to our retreats. We welcome ladies from the inner city, church groups and Pregnancy Care Centers. Our goal is to teach, serve and offer a place of peace and restoration.

Our retreats are free of charge and open to anyone who wishes to come. For the three day, Breaking the Shackles of Shame teaching, which is in-depth and valuable to anyone in ministry, we will pick up out of towners at the airport in Phoenix and return them at the end of the retreat.

If you are interested in attending any retreats or just want to know more about the ministry, fill out the LEARN MORE link below. You will receive an e-newsletter with all of the upcoming retreats listed plus notification of special events. If you see a retreat you wish to attend, contact Karen Bender at the number provided and let her know.

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About the Founder, Dinah Monahan

First and foremost, Dinah’s life can be defined by Pro-Life. Her mother created the Precious Feet, the lapel pin that is the size and shape of a pre-born babies feet at ten weeks. Her mom and dad were pioneers in the Pro-Life movement and remained activists all of their lives. They founded the Heritage House ‘76 and passed it on the Mike and Dinah who now have passed it on to son, Brandon.  Dinah has been speaking out against abortion for nearly fifty years. While she has been involved on many levels including political activism, marches and protests, Dinah has always been drawn back to working with women - pregnant women, wounded and abused women and Christian women struggling with the pain of abortion and abuse.

Dinah has five children and twenty-six grandchildren. Her husband Mike died in March of 2016. They were married for 46 years and spent a lifetime together ministering in the Pro-Life cause. In her family’s early years they took pregnant women into their home and hearts. Between pregnant women and troubled teens, the Monahan family was a refuge and a hope for hundreds of young women over the years.

Dinah founded Living Hope Women’s Centers and Hope House Maternity Home in the White Mountains of Arizona and directed them for twenty years. One of the centers is on the Apache Indian Reservation, the only pregnancy care center on a reservation in the country. She also created the Earn While You Learn program and curriculum that is being used in close to two thousand centers across the country and internationally.

After she “retired” Dinah and Mike went to Ethiopia and founded a maternity home there. Many trips ensued and the home, which took in sixteen young women at a time, continued for five years. While the doors had to be closed because of circumstances beyond their control, many babies were saved from abortion and moms found Life in Jesus.

Even though the home closed, Dinah and Mike stayed involved with a church they helped build in a village called Gutumuma. It is in the middle of a Muslim region where the price for conversion to Christianity is high. Recently Dinah went back to Gutumuma to host a women’s retreat for one hundred twenty women converts to Christianity and she continues to be involved in the growth of Christianity in the region.

Dinah is a certified lay counselor who, because of life experiences, has specialized in helping women who have been molested or traumatized as children. She has also become an expert on shame and the destructive role it plays women’s lives. She is the creator of the Earn While You Learn pre-natal and parenting program that is being used in over two thousand centers in the states and internationally.

Dinah is a speaker, teacher, counselor, author mentor and advocate of women and children. She is the co-recipient of the Lagatus Award for her Pro-Life work alongside George W. Bush, Heartbeat International’s Servant Leader Award to name a few.

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