Robin's Nest Mentors

God's Amazing Grace

When women go through this program many realize how helpful it would be for others in their church or circles. Because of this, we have created a mentor program where there is additional online training that goes along with the workbook, Breaking The Shackles of Shame. Our church pews are full of women who have come out of difficult lifestyles and embraced Jesus. But so many lies are still anchored in their hearts. Lies that keep them from experiencing God’s Amazing Grace and love unconditionally! Imagine if every church had women trained who could help walk other women through to healing. Imagine the impact if women were loosed from their self-absorption with their inadequacies and flaws and focused on Jesus and His purpose for their lives! It is happening. It starts with attending a retreat or going through the workbook with someone who has.  If you are interested contact Whitney at (928) 551-0715. If you would like to be notified of the upcoming retreats ask to be put on the e-mail list.