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Giving God Your Worst

The very title makes people uncomfortable. Yet, when people hear the message their response is excitement and relief. The message is about Truth, lies, honesty “in our inward parts” and what to do with it all.

Have you ever wondered when you would “arrive” spiritually, only to feel like all you do is fall short?  Have you ever felt that other women in church have it together and you don’t? Have you ever compared yourself to other women and found yourself wanting? Have you struggled with unforgivness and bitterness born from a deep hurt; trying to forgive but dealing with the same feelings over and over?

This message challenges so many preconceived ideas we have about our relationship with God. It gives spiritual principles based on scripture and practical outworking of those principles. It encourages you to stop giving God your best in an effort to impress him and start giving Him what he wants - your worst.

The teaching in this seminar, when practiced, brings a person into a much more honest relationship with God. It also works itself out in finding peace with oneself and others. Dinah draws on her life experience of pain and tragedy along with triumphs and victories which serves as a springboard for deep and healing Truths that God worked out of the pain. She has been speaking on this for years and delivered this message nationally at many events. After delivering this message at a Focus on the Family Conference, she was invited back the following two years to give the same address! At a Women of Faith Conference, she was the only speaker asked back a second year for a repeat performance. So many women have found this teaching transformational in the way they relate to God and view their value in Christ.

The message is expanded in the workbook Bible Study, Giving God Your Worst. (Listen to the Seminar)

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Breaking the Shackles of Shame

All of life is about truth and lies. It is very clear in Scripture. Jesus said, “I am the Truth.” Not, I will show you the truth, or I always tell the truth. Jesus said he IS TRUTH. If He is Truth then what is the opposite? A lie. Again, the Bible is clear on the origin of lies. Satan is called the “father of lies.” In other words, all lies originate in him. It says that “Satan is roving over the earth, like a roaring lion, seeking who he will destroy.” How does he destroy people? With lies. Lies about their value, about their purpose, about their identity. And so the stage is set for the great battle of the heart. Through Christ, we were intended to KNOW our value and identity. God intended, through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, that we become new, redeemed, restored, remade in His image. Satan loses our soul at that moment. But he knows he can still have our heart. Satan sews lies in our heart using many things but primarily through the pain of our past. As long as he can keep us focused on ourselves he keeps us from what we we’re created to do - worship God in Spirit and Truth. Through the lies that scream our insecurities, failings, mistakes and inadequacies He robs us of our very purpose.

Do you remember when you first accepted Jesus? When we come to Christ we are a “new creature in Christ.” We FEEL the shift - the Holy Spirit coming into our lives. We join a church and start the journey of being a “good Christian woman.” We get involved, then over committed and often, disillusioned. Women are very good at putting on a mask and we do that at church, terrified the real “us” will be found out. We look around at other women and know that they have it all together. So what’s wrong with US? So, we try harder, do more, smile broader but inside we feel like an imposter.

As a Christian we can know in our head that Jesus loves us. But deep in our heart there is a lie that grows like a vine and tries to strangle God’s truth. Because of this lie, Christian women live in bondage. Where there should be freedom, there is striving. Where there should be transparency there are masks. Where there should be self acceptance there is a sense of being a fraud. Where there should be security in who we belong to, there is fear of being found out. We are unable to do what we were created for because we are so focused on our perceived inadequacies, failings, and past sins. Which means, our past isn’t in the past. It still defines and drives us in the present. This workbook is about learning to recognize the lies (they aren’t obvious when they have been there most of our lives) and replace them with Truth. This message covers much of the material in the workbook by the same name - Breaking the Shackles of Shame. It is a workbook...which implies there is work. And it is hard work, like learning to speak a new language. But the end result is freedom. The mask can come off. The striving can be stopped. Resting in Jesus can become a reality. It requires that we bring everything into the light of Truth, examine it and call out the lies. When we end up with Truth, we end up with Jesus.

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